A reader contacter me with the above question. Below is my short answer. A much longer answer can be found in these studies.


In the Bible, to believe in Jesus means to acknowledge that he is Lord (Romans 10:9), that is, to genuinely believe that the man Jesus of Nazareth is also the eternal Son of God. Fully and truly human, and fully and truly God.

Read these verses:

John 5:16-18

John 12:44,45

John 10:30-33

John 14:6-9

1John 5:20

Also read John 8:23, where Jesus says that if we do not believe that he is who he claimed to be we will die with our sins unforgiven.

If we believe in Jesus Christ, in the way that the Bible understands faith, it will be expressed in far more than our words. It will be expressed in both trust and obedience (neither of which will ever be perfect in this life, but they will be evident, as James says in his second chapter.)

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