Majesty: The over-whelming, awesome and awe-inspiring glory and powerfully authoritative kingly splendour of God.

Mercy: Totally unexpected kindness shown to the undeserving. Sometimes translated as ‘loving kindness’.

Messiah: the Anointed One, anticipated in the Old Testament. Translates via the Greek christos, into the English ‘Christ’.

Messianic: relating to or predicting the Messiah. [For example, there are Messianic psalms and Messianic prophecies.]

Millennium: 1000 years. Mentioned only in Revelation 20 and referring to a 1000 year reign of Christ. Some interpret this literally as exactly 1000 years. Some understand it as symbolizing a very long time. A point of division between believers.

Miracle: An action that transcends or alters natural law. In the gospels the miracles of Jesus were pointers to his deity.

Monism: belief that all is one. [All distinction between good and evil are lost.]

Monotheism: the belief that there is only one God. [Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all monotheistic]

Moral: A standard of behaviour.

Mysticism: seeking and defining truth by subjective personal experiences. ‘Christian’ mysticism focuses on personal spiritual experiences rather than the objective written Word of God.

Myth: A non-factual, non-historical story fabricated by humans and passed on from generation to generation to explain significant life issues.