Obedience [obey]: doing what one is told to do; doing what God commands in his written Word; the evidence of genuine faith.

Occult: To do with ‘hidden’ things. Includes a range of psychic, magic, spiritistic, shamanistic and mediumistic practices forbidden in Scripture, specifically in Deuteronomy 18:10-12, and generally throughout the Scripture, right up to Revelation 22:15.

Omnipotent: all powerful.

Omnipresent: present everywhere.

Omniscient: knowing everything.

Original sin: The nature, guilt and condemnation passed on from Adam to all humans except Jesus Christ [Romans 5:12-21].

Orthodox: holding correct doctrines.

Orthodox churches: churches descendant from the ‘Eastern church’ which separated from the ‘Western’ church in the 11th  century. The key causes of this separation were [1] papal authority in the western church, and [2] the filioque clause, which Western churches had added to the Nicene Creed.