© Rosemary Bardsley 2014

#1 Created by God and for God
Study what these verses teach, and discuss the high value they put on all human beings.

Acts 17:25,28


Romans 11:36


1Corinthians 8:6


Colossians 1:16,17


#2: Created for God’s glory
What do these references teach about our purpose/responsibility as humans?

Psalm 86:9


Isaiah 43:7


Matthew 5:14-16


Romans 15:6,9


1Corinthians 10:31


#3: The sanctity of human life [God declares human life sacred]
Read these verses. Discuss their significance for our attitudes to and treatment of other human beings. [Note that in the Matthew passages Jesus looks behind murder to the emotions and attitudes which give birth to murder, including these also under the judgement of Genesis 9:6.]

Genesis 9:6
Matthew 5:22a
Matthew 5:22b
Matthew 5:22c


#4A: Personal impact of the ‘image of God’
How should creation in the image of God impact your view of yourself?




#4B Contemporary relevance
List the evidence of disrespect for the human in your society today.