STUDY FOUR WORKSHEET: Contemporary Sexual Challenges

© Rosemary Bardsley 2009,2014

#1 The challenge of pornography
Go to: , read the 5 articles provided there, and answer the questions below:

[1] What are the flow on impacts of your pornography?

In terms of one’s sexual habits



On one’s spouse and marriage



On one’s children



[2] When does porn viewing become porn addiction?


[3] What should one do to escape from porn?


#2 The challenge of the wedge principle:

[1] What should be the Christian attitude to the normalization of sexual practices the Bible calls ‘sin’?


[2] When do our personal choices as Christians contribute to the downward moral spiral?


[3] What kind of world is constantly dropping sexual standards creating for our children and grandchildren?


[4] What can Christians do to arrest the sexual decline?


[5] How can we best teach our children the principle of sexual purity?


#3 Write your personal commitment to sexual purity