© Rosemary Bardsley 2015

In the sixth parallel section, Chapters 17 – 19, Jesus Christ is revealed to us as the King of kings and the Lord of lords. This sovereign power and authority is demonstrated in his effortless victories over the ‘great harlot – Babylon’ [who is more fully described here than anywhere else] and over the ‘beast’ and the ‘false prophet’.  We also see again the praise of heaven and joy of the redeemed, who are here referred to as the ‘bride’ of the Lamb.

Gazing at the fifth screen, caught up in the crescendo of praise, you had not thought that there could be anything more overwhelming. But you were wrong! A sixth screen begins to dominate the whole room, and its sound pulses through your body. It so occupies your mind that you can think of nothing else, you feel that nothing else exists, just you and the sound, and even you yourself seem to be part of the sound, so overpowering, so intense and passionate is this sound of the whole universe lifting their voices in praise of the Lord God Almighty. You recall that you once listened to Handel’s ‘Messiah’, and felt the great and awesome power of it, but that was nothing compared to the reality in which you are now involved. By now you know that there are multiple sub-screens accompanying this main screen, but you have no interest in them. So powerful is this main screen that anything else, in comparison, is less than nothing. The main screen says it all: The battle is over. God has brought justice to the universe. Evil has ended. The bride is ready for the Lamb, clothed with his gift of perfect righteousness. Hallelujah! And your heart is almost bursting with joy and gladness.