REVELATION 1:1-8 - Introduction

1. Discuss the meaning of the word ‘revelation’? What does this infer about this book?


2. Describe where the contents of this book came from and how John knew what to write [verses1,2].



3. What should our attitude and response be to this book? [verse 3]


4. To whom is this book addressed? [see also verse 11]


5. How is God described? [verses 4,8]


6. Suggest what ‘the seven spirits before his throne’ means?


7. What does it mean that God is ‘the Alpha and the Omega’?



8. How is Jesus defined?




9. What has Jesus done for us?



10. What does ‘freed us from our sins by his blood’ mean?


11. How will his return impact those who do not believe in him?


12. Define your attitude to Revelation.