REVELATION 1:9-20 – Jesus among the lampstands

1.    How does John describe himself?

2.    Suggest what he means by ‘the kingdom and suffering and patient endurance that are ours in Jesus’



3.    What is meant by the symbol of ‘the lampstands’? [verses 12, 20].

4.    Suggest why this symbol is used.

5.    Describe the figure John saw in verses 12-16.




6.    Suggest the meaning of the various images.




7.    How does this figure impact you?

8.    How does Jesus describe himself in verses 17-18?


9.    Compare the description of Jesus in verse 17 with the description of God in verse 8.

10.    What important historical event is Jesus referring to in verse 18?


11.    What does Jesus mean by ‘I hold the keys of death and Hades’?


12.    Verse 18 is a very powerful verse. Think carefully about it, then describe its impact for you.