REVELATION 4 – A vision of God

1.    God is referred to as sitting on a throne in heaven. What does this infer about God?

2.    A rainbow encircled his throne. Suggest the significance of this rainbow. [Read Genesis 9:12-17]

3.    Describe the ‘twenty-four elders’.


4.    Suggest who is represented by these elders.

5.    Suggest what is symbolized by ‘what looked like a sea of glass’.

6.    Describe the ‘four living creatures’.


7.    Compare these ‘living creatures’ with Ezekiel 1:4-11.

8.    What is the constant occupation of these four living creatures?

9.    How do the living creatures describe God?


10.    Compare their praise of God with that of the seraphs in Isaiah 6:3.

11.    How is God defined in verses 9 and 10?

12.    How do the twenty-four elders affirm the praise of the living creatures?



13.    What reason is given for the praise given to God by the twenty-four elders in verse 11?


14.    What impressions of God have you gained from this chapter?


15.    How does this chapter make you feel about God?