REVELATION 8 AND 9 – The Church in prayer

1.    Read 8:1-5. What does this teach you about the prayers of the saints?



2.    From these verses, suggest the connection between the prayers of the saints and the judgments of God on the earth.


3.    Read 8:6-12. Describe the four limited preliminary forms of judgment.


4.    Read 9:1-11. Discuss the identity of the ‘star’ with the key of the Abyss [verse1,2] and the ‘angel’ of the Abyss [verse11].


5.    What do the words ‘Abaddon’ and ‘Apollyon’ mean?

6.    What do these names teach us about Satan?


7.    Suggest what is symbolised by the ‘locusts’ [9:3-11].


8.    In 9:12-19 something quite horrific occurs; how do we know it is yet another preliminary judgment?



9.    Read 9:20,21. How do these verses teach us of the grace and purpose of God in sending a range of preliminary judgments on the earth?




10.    What do these two verses teach us about the human response to these judgments?