REVELATION 10 AND 11 – The Church in proclamation

1.    Read 10:7. What did the angel tell John immediately prior to the sounding of the seventh trumpet?

2.    Suggest what he was referring to. [Read Ephesians 1:9,10; 3:2-6]


3.    John was commanded to ‘eat’ the scroll [10:8,9]. Suggest what is symbolised by ‘eating’ the scroll.

4.    Describe the ‘sweetness’ of the Gospel for those who receive it.


5.    Suggest what is symbolized by the ‘scroll’ turning John’s stomach sour?

6.    In what ways has knowing the Gospel been ‘sour’ for you personally?


7.    What was John commanded in 10:11?

8.    Is this command for John alone, or for all who ‘eat’ the ‘scroll’ – who receive the Gospel? [Remember that to prophesy means to proclaim – to tell forth.]

9.    11:1-14 contains many apocalyptic symbols. By referring to the teaching in other parts of the Bible, suggest who or what is referred to by:

The ‘temple’

The ‘measuring’ and ‘counting’ in verse 1.

The command not to measure the ‘outer court’ where ‘the Gentiles’ are.

The ‘holy city’

The ‘two witnesses’, ‘two olive trees’ and ‘two lampstands’

The ’42 months’ and ‘1,260 days’

The ‘power’ of the two witnesses [verse 5,6]

10.    Identify the enemies of the ‘two witnesses’

11.    Suggest what future reality is symbolised in verses 11,12. Confirm your answer by reference to teaching elsewhere in the New Testament.