REVELATION 12 – The Woman and the Dragon

Note: It is important to read all of Chapter 12 before answering any of these questions. This is because of the composite symbol of the ‘woman’.

1.    Although our first thought is that the ‘woman’ is Mary, what things in this chapter indicate that this is not the case?


2.    Suggest the Old Testament and New Testament identity of the ‘woman’.

3.    Who is symbolised by ‘the dragon’?

4.    Who is symbolised by the ‘male child’?

5.    What three truths about Jesus are referred to in verse 5?



6.    What is the connection between the 1,260 days in verse 6 and in 11:2,3?

7.    In the battle between ‘Michael’ and ‘the dragon’, who won the battle?

8.    What is the reality symbolised by this battle? [Read verses 10-12].


9.    By the death and resurrection of Jesus –
What four realities have already been established? [verse10a]



What has happened to the evil one? [verse 10b]


10.    What activity of the evil one is mentioned in verse 10b?

11.    Read Romans 8:31-34. What does this teach about Satan’s right to accuse believers?

12.    How do the redeemed overcome the evil one? [verse 11]

13.    What are the heavens commanded because of the victory of Christ? [verse 12a]

14.    Why does this victory of Christ over Satan mean ‘woe’ to the earth? [verse 12b].

15.    From verses 13 to 17 –
What is Satan’s attitude to the church?

Connect ‘a time, times and half a time’ to 12:6 and 11:2,3.

What is it that characterizes the ‘offspring’ of the woman and attracts the dragon’s hatred? [verse 17]