REVELATION 13 – The two beasts
Note: Please read the whole chapter before looking at the questions.

1.    The ‘dragon’ is the authority behind the two ‘beasts’. What does this tell us about them?

2.    What did the ‘dragon’ give to the beast from the sea? [verse 2]

3.    How widespread was the impact of the ‘beast’? [verse 3]

4.    What impact did the ‘beast’ have on human beings? [verse 4].


5.    What does this ‘beast’ do with his mouth? [verses 5,6]

6.    What does this ‘beast’ do with his ‘power’? [verse 7]

7.    In verses 5 to 7 the word ‘given’ is used three times. What is its significance?


8.    Verse 5 limits the authority of the ‘beast’ to forty-two months. How does this connect with time periods mentioned in previous chapters?

9.    Verse 8 defines a limitation to the impact of this ‘beast’. Who cannot be impacted by him? Explain your answer.


10.    In the context of the impact of the ‘beast’, what must characterize ‘the saints’? [verse 10] Explain what this requires of you.


11.    Identify the subtle deception of the ‘beast’ from the earth [verse 11].

12.    Identify the blatant deception of this ‘beast’ [verse13-15].

13.    What was the impact of this deliberate deception? [verse 14]

14.    Suggest what is intended by the symbolic ‘mark of the beast’ [verse 16,17]

15.    Contrast the ‘mark of the beast’ with the ‘seal of God’ [7:2]. Discuss whether or not it is possible to have both of these marks. [You may like to check all other references to both in Revelation. Also references to having the ‘name’ of the beast or of God on the forehead.

16.    What does the presence of deception require you to exercise? [verse 18]

17.    Look up these references to the human origin of deceptive teaching – Matthew 15:9; Colossians 2:8,20,22]. How does this help you to understand 13:18.