REVELATION 14 – The Resolution

1.    From verses 1 to 5 list seven facts that identify the symbol of ‘144,000’ as all true believers.






2.    What does each of these mean? Back up your answer with Scripture references.








3.    How does this encourage you in the context of the opposition of ‘the dragon’ and the two ‘beasts’?


4.    In what way do verses 6 and 7 express the grace of God?


5.    What symbols are used to refer to God’s wrath and judgment in verses 9 to 11?




6.    How are ‘the saints’ described in verse 12?


7.    What is required of ‘the saints’ in the period between the death of Christ and the final judgment? [v. 12]

8.    What encouragement do you receive from verse 13?