REVELATION 15 – The Conquerors

1.    In what two ways does verse 1 indicate that the seven plagues are the final judgment?


2.    In verses 2 and 3a we are given four descriptions of all true believers. List and explain them.




3.    Suggest what is meant by ‘the song of Moses’ and ‘the song of the Lamb’. [Check Exodus 15 and Deuteronomy 32].


4.    What titles and descriptions are given to God in verse 3b and 4? Explain their meanings.





5.    How is the awesome greatness of God exalted in verse 4?


6.    What is the only appropriate response to such a God? Why?


7.    What does John mean by ‘the tabernacle of the Testimony’? [Check Deuteronomy 31:26]


8.    What description of God is given in verse 7?


9.    What was contained in the seven bowls held by the seven angels?

10.    Suggest why no one could ‘enter the temple’ until the seven plagues were completed.


11.    Does this exclusion also exclude the redeemed? [Refer back to verse 2.] Explain your answer.