REVELATION 17 – Babylon, the great harlot

1. How extensive is the impact of ‘the great prostitute’?

Verse 1 [check verse 15 for explanation of ‘many waters’].

Verse 2

Verse 8

Verse 18

2. What names or descriptions are applied to this ‘prostitute’?
Verse 1

Verse 4

Verse 5

3. From the reference to the ‘prostitute’ as a city, ‘Babylon’, suggest whether the ‘prostitute’ symbol refers to an individual person or a large group of people.


4. What is the attitude of this ‘prostitute’ to ‘the saints’? [verse 6]

5. What or who motivates and empowers this ‘prostitute’? [verses 3, 8-12]

6. What is the one purpose of these combined enemies? [verse 13]

7. Suggest a connection between this purpose and the ‘prostitute’s’ attacks on the saints in verse 6.


8.    From verse 14 explain why the Lamb overcomes his enemies.

9.    How are believers described in verse 14?

10.    From other scriptures, explain why verse 14 refers to all true believers.


11.    From verse 14 explain the utter security of the redeemed.

12.    From verses 16 to 18 explain what God does to restrict the evil of this ‘prostitute’.


13.    Suggest evidence and expressions of the ‘great prostitute’ in your society or culture today.