REVELATION 18 – The punishment of the great harlot

1.    Discuss whether the conditions described in 18:1-3 are the cause of the judgment, or the result of the judgment.


2.    What general parallels can you identify between 18:1-3 and the conditions prevailing in the world today?


3.    In verses 4-5, what are God’s people commanded to do? Why?


4.    Describe the justice of the judgment. [verses 6,7]

5.    Describe the heart attitudes that attracted the judgment. There are three of them. [Verse7b]


6.    In what ways do these attitudes express both human arrogance and ignorance of God?



7.    How is the rapidity of the judgment described? [verses 8, 10, 17, 19]

8.    Describe and explain the response of those who associated with ‘the great prostitute’? [verses 9-19]



9.    How are the saints commanded to respond? [verse 20]. Explain why [see verse 24].


10.    Why did God’s judgment fall on her? [verse 20]

11.    Compare 18:21-24 with Jeremiah 51:63,64. How permanent and complete is God’s judgment?


12.     Discuss how God’s judgment of ‘the great prostitute’ is intended as a great encouragement to believers persecuted, pressured or marginalized because of their faith in Jesus Christ.