REVELATION 19:1-10 – Hallelujah!

The first Hallelujah:
1. Who shouted the first Hallelujah?

2. What is the reason for their praise? [verses 1,2]


3. How is divine retribution involved in the judgment of the great prostitute? [Verse 2]

The second Hallelujah
4. What is the reason for this second Hallelujah? [Verse 3]

The third Hallelujah
5. Who cried out the third Hallelujah, and what does their ‘Amen’ mean? [Verse 4]

6. Suggest why they fell down and worshipped God because the ‘prostitute’ was brought to an end.


7. What was commanded by the voice that came from the throne? [verse 5]

The fourth Hallelujah
8. Who were shouting the fourth Hallelujah? [verse 6]

9. List the reasons given for their praise [verses 6b-8]



 10. Explain each of these reasons.



11. In verse 7 the Church is symbolised as the ‘bride’ of the Lamb. Verse 9 refers to those ‘invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb’. Discuss the difference in terms of ‘corporate’ [the Church] and individual [you personally].



13.    Personal question: Are you personally part of the corporate ‘bride’ and an individual invited to the wedding supper?