REVELATION 22:6-21 – The Epilogue

1.    In 22:5 the angel had reaffirmed the reliability of the things he had just revealed to John. What is the basis of this reliability?

2.    What encouragement is given by Jesus in verse 7?

3.    Suggest what Jesus means by ‘he who keeps the words of the prophecy in this book’ – given that there are very few commands to actually obey. [Think in terms of keeping something safe like a precious treasure.]

4.    Verse 11 expresses the impossibility of changing/repenting once it is too late. How does it do this?

5.    In verse 12 Jesus mentions the concept of ‘rewards’. Return to the letters to the churches in chapters 2 and 3. Make a list of all the things promised by Jesus to those who ‘overcome’, then circle all of those that are actually part of the salvation every believer has in Christ.









6.    What does Jesus call himself in verse 13? How does this compare to God’s description of himself in 21:6:

7.    How are believers referred to in verse 14, and what is promised to them?


8.    Who are included in the list of those excluded from the 'city' in verse 15?


9.    What does Jesus call himself in verse 18? What do these titles mean?



10.    Read verse 17. Are these calls to Jesus to come back, or calls to the unbelievers to come to Jesus?

11.    How important is it for us to believe the Revelation that Jesus has given us? Why?


12.     What would you say to Jesus, if he had just given you this Revelation?